Tension Brake 16


Tension Brakes are designed to maintain constant tension throughout a vast range of applications and process speeds. The system includes a mini belt wrap capstan, an AC Drive, AC Motor, and a start-stop pushbutton control station with a potentiometer to adjust the running tension.

The unit provides user access to adjust the desired tension but does not display the actual running tension of the wire. There is no tension transducer installed to measure the actual running tension of the wire or cable. Tension is adjusted by use of a potentiometer adjustment of the torque reference to the AC drive and motor.

The Belt Wrap Capstan system reduces tension spikes without inducing secondary oscillations to the wire exiting the capstan wheel. These features all contribute to the elimination of the tension variation due to whipping fluctuations common to dual flyer payoffs.



  • Isolates tension fluctuations common to dual flyer payoffs
  • Polycarbonate window for operator visibility and protection
  • Bonded and grounded rubber liner on capstan wheel
  • Special composite endless belt
  • Wire entry height 30’ (760mm)
  • Wire exit height 42-1/4” (1070mm)
  • Door interlock to prevent access while in run mode
  • Manually adjustable tension setting via Potentiometer
  • Remote / Local start / stop capability